Monday, July 22, 2019

Childhood Restored

When I was a boy I would often take trips to the museum. I was an inquisitive kid, and my parents often fed me a diet of learning and reading. Also, there were dinosaurs at the museum. Who didn't love dinosaurs? I remember most of the exhibits and special shows I saw, including an Omni Theater (think IMAX in a dome) feature called Speed. No, it wasn't the Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock masterpiece, it was about how fast things traveled. It ended with a night time roller coaster ride at top speed. I also remember special kids exhibits on DC superheroes, space travel, and the history of flight. But the one thing I remembered the most was something that scared seven to eight year old me. I was told it was an exhibit having to do with movie magic, special effects and the like. I don't remember anything from the exhibit, but what I do remember stood dead center in the middle of the lobby. It was a life size model from the movie Aliens. It was Ripley in the power loader fighting the alien queen. I've looked for pictures of this thing for years, exhausting many Yahoo, Askjeeves, Google and Bing searches. No one I know seemed to remember this thing. I mentioned this on my city's subreddit a few days ago when someone mentioned old museum exhibits, and someone came through after reading my comment.